[OpenSIPS-Users] Contact header modifications

Maciej Bylica mbsip at gazeta.pl
Thu Sep 25 23:00:12 CEST 2014


I just want to setup Opensips as SIP Proxy node.
Release 1.11.2-notls and DRouting module is already in place.
I just want to ask you what do you think about Contact header modification
in such case.
Some of my incoming INVITEs have only Contact header (describing
originator, like IPPABX for instance) without Record-Route header.
Opensips generates additional Record-Route header but doesn't modify
Contact header at all and such request is sent to terminator. As an
after-effect all subsequent requests properly match UAs (thanks to the
rule hat RR overrides Contact header).
First of all is this how Opensips behaves and there is nothing to worry

What if i dont want to disclose Contact header information passing
transparently to the other side.
I assume that i may use B2B modules or topology-hiding within dialog module
or setup Freeswitch for this purpose, am i right?
Maybe I should play around with opensips script a little to modify that

Thanks in advance,
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