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Thank you!  I used the usr_preferences table with the debug level 4 it showed me the way.  My issue was that I did not set a value for the last value of int.

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      I guess you try to load from avpops table the "myvar" avp        belonging to UUID "" (which is actually the src IP) ?
      1) are you sure you properly order the values according        to the dbtext header . Note that the official db structure is a        bit different (see scripts/dbtext/opensips/usr_preferences        )
      2) run in debug mode 4 to see more logs from opensips        when the query is performed.
      3) you may try to temporary use db_mysql (where you can        trace the actual query to DB level) to see which is the faulty        part - the why you do the query or the way you have the data in        DB.
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      On 15.09.2014 21:33, discodog62 at aol.com wrote:
I am confused on the avpops          module.  I am hoping some one can straight things out for me.                   

I am using opensips 1.8          

Here is my relevant setup

  is the IP that I am            sending the call from.

loadmodule "avpops.so"

modparam("avpops",              "db_url","text:///etc/opensips/dbtext") 

my avpops db_text file

id(int,auto) username(string) attribute(string)                value(string) uuid(string) domain(string) type(int)


I              am hoping that I can use the avpops module to do the              following....

when a call comes in I would            like to use the source ip to match the UUID and load the            attribute value into my variable $avp(myvar).

 xlog("L_INFO","****** Updated AVP:                $avp(myvar) ******\n");

When I do this I see <null> in              my $svp(myvar).

I also tried assigning the $si to a              avp variable as well 

$avp(tst_uuid) = $si;


same results.


I added the avp_print()

and I would see this

Sep 15 11:10:07 [15608]                INFO:avpops:ops_print_avp: p=0x7fa1364ae880,                flags=0x0002
Sep 15 11:10:07 [15608]                INFO:avpops:ops_print_avp:                                     id=<1>
Sep 15 11:10:07 [15608]                INFO:avpops:ops_print_avp:                                     val_str=< / 13>
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