[OpenSIPS-Users] tls for opensips

george wu aihuawu2012 at 163.com
Thu Sep 11 11:44:23 CEST 2014

I can make opensips works for tcp and udp.
But the tls does not work.

 I test it with linphone.
But it complains:
Could not start tls transport on port 5161, maybe this port is already used.
I google it and get
He said it is problem of server.

I can't find any error message from opensips.
How can I debug it? thanks.

This is the opensips.cfg part for tls:

listen=udp:   # CUSTOMIZE ME

listen=tcp:   # CUSTOMIZE ME

listen=tls:   # CUSTOMIZE ME
tls_verify_client = 0
tls_require_client_certificate = 0
tls_method = TLSv1
tls_certificate = "/develop/opensips/etc/opensips/tls/user/user-cert.pem"
tls_private_key = "/develop/opensips/etc/opensips/tls/user/user-privkey.pem"
tls_ca_list = "/develop/opensips/etc/opensips/tls/user/user-calist.pem"

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