[OpenSIPS-Users] Problem with CDRTool and ubuntu 14.04 and apache 2.4.7

Venkatesh Macha linuxvenkey at gmail.com
Thu Oct 30 07:03:17 CET 2014


            I am trying to install *CDRTool on Ubuntu 14.0*4, i have *apache
2.4.7* is installed on it.  I installed CDRTool from Debian package from
ag-projects repository. Created New database everything is OK,. But when i
move to next section that is* PHP and Apache setu*p i am facing these
*I am unable to setup a Virtual host for cdrtool, 403 Forbidden*. i got this
error in apache error log :

* Cannot serve directory /var/www/CDRTool/: No matching DirectoryIndex
(index.html,index.cgi,index.pl,index.php,index.xhtml,index.htm) found, 
and server-generated directory index forbidden by Options directive,
referer: http://*.*.*.*:8080/*

Then i realized apache is unable to identify the .pthml files(as our CDRTool
have .phtml file). then i added* .phtml to DIrectoryIndex* of apache. 
Now 403 forbidden error is gone. But it is showing a text file Instead of
CDRTool Login Page here is the partial part of that page.

*"CDRTool_Session", "auth" => "CDRTool_Auth", "perm" => "CDRTool_Perm") );
$loginname=$auth->auth["uname"]; $title="Legal notice"; $db = new
DB_CDRTool(); $query=sprintf("select * from settings where billing_party =
'%s' and var_module= 'login' and var_name =
'I_agree_with_license'",addslashes($loginname)); if ($db->query($query)) {
if ($db->num_rows()) { $refreshURL='callsearch.phtml'; $refreshTime=0; } }
if (is_readable("/etc/cdrtool/local/header.phtml")) {
include_once("/etc/cdrtool/local/header.phtml"); } else {
include_once("header.phtml"); } $layout = new pageLayoutLocal();
$layout->showHeader(); $layout->showLegalNotice(); $layout->showFooter();
page_close(); } else { $Setup = new SETUP (); $Setup->showIntro(); } class
SETUP { function showIntro() { print "

I thinks apache2 is unable to render PHP files. if not,  what is the
problem, why i am getting text page instead of Log-in page.

I also made few changes like added .conf at the end of virtual host file
*cdrtool.com to cdrtool.com.conf*

also added *Require all granted* in directory section of virtual host file.

Can anyone help me. Thank you in Advance.

Venkatesh macha,
Junior VOIP Engineer,
@C Programming <http://sillycodes.com>  


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