Michele Pinassi michele.pinassi at unisi.it
Wed Oct 29 11:49:19 CET 2014

Hi all,

on our opensips system i'm trying to implement PRESENCE-BLF
funcionality, where the boss phone (Snom 760) "subscribe" the workers
line and see when they are busy/free.

As i see, here's my opensips.cfg relevant parts:

#### PRESENCE modules
loadmodule "presence.so"
loadmodule "presence_xml.so"
loadmodule "presence_mwi.so"
loadmodule "presence_callinfo.so"
loadmodule "xcap.so"

modparam("presence", "server_address", "sip:sa at")
modparam("presence_xml", "force_active", 1)

modparam("xcap", "integrated_xcap_server", 1)


and simply add a route for presence:

    if( is_method("PUBLISH|SUBSCRIBE"))

# Presence route

route[handle_presence] {
    xlog("L_INFO","Route PRESENCE [$fd/$fu/$rd/$ru/$si/]\n");

    if (is_method("PUBLISH")) {
    if (is_method("SUBSCRIBE")) {

on the boss phone (5002) i set up BLF for 5009 but BLF simply don't work.

On Opensips logs i have:

Oct 29 11:47:05 proxy-voip01 /usr/sbin/opensips[5494]: Route PRESENCE
[voip.unisi.it/sip:5002 at voip.unisi.it:5060/voip.unisi.it/sip:5008 at voip.unisi.it:5060;user=phone/]
Oct 29 11:47:05 proxy-voip01 /usr/sbin/opensips[5494]:
INFO:presence:handle_subscribe: Missing or unsupported event header
field value
Oct 29 11:47:05 proxy-voip01 /usr/sbin/opensips[5494]:
INFO:presence:handle_subscribe: #011event= dialog
Oct 29 11:47:32 proxy-voip01 /usr/sbin/opensips[5496]: Route PRESENCE
[voip.unisi.it/sip:5022 at voip.unisi.it:5060/voip.unisi.it/sip:*98 at voip.unisi.it:5060;user=phone/]
Oct 29 11:47:32 proxy-voip01 /usr/sbin/opensips[5496]:
INFO:presence:update_subscription: notify
Oct 29 11:47:32 proxy-voip01 /usr/sbin/opensips[5496]:
INFO:presence:send_notify_request: NOTIFY sip:5022 at voip.unisi.it via
sip:5022 at on behalf of sip:*98 at voip.unisi.it for event
message-summary, to_tag=f315b2d58ae8829149b784764c5a40e3-c2fb, cseq=1

Moreover, i've tried to see how watchers/presentity works but i'm not
able to find any tutorial....hints ? Suggestions ?

Thanks, Michele

Michele Pinassi
Responsabile Telefonia di Ateneo
Servizio Reti, Sistemi e Sicurezza Informatica - Università degli Studi di Siena
tel: 0577.(23)2169 - fax: 0577.(23)2053

Per trovare una soluzione rapida ai tuoi problemi tecnici
consulta le FAQ di Ateneo, http://www.faq.unisi.it 

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