[OpenSIPS-Users] mediaproxy, force trusting SDP

Kristian F. Høgh kfh.opensips at kfh.dk
Fri Nov 7 13:09:05 CET 2014


I receive an INVITE from a NAT'ed client, which I forward to a second proxy after calling use_media_proxy.
The second proxy send the INVITE upstream.
Upstream starts sending RTP (to media-relay), then rejects the call.
I try next gateway (on second proxy), which answers 100, 183 and later 200 OK. (And sends RTP to media-relay)

Unfortunately the relay received 7 RTP packages from the failed attempt, and therefore RTP from succesfull call is ignored.

As I know the IP range is non- NAT'ed, I would like to ignore the RTP from the first gateway, by forcing relay to use SDP.
Is it posible to tell the relay "This client is not NAT'ed, use IP address/port from SDP"?
Don't forward RTP before SDP. (That way, RTP from failed call would be ignored)

Kristian Høgh

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