[OpenSIPS-Users] RFC 2914 Compliance?

Sidwell, David david.sidwell at necect.com
Wed Nov 5 23:05:23 CET 2014

Is OpenSIPS compliant with the following section of rfc3261?

par. 18.1.1 of rfc3261:

   If a request is within 200 bytes of the path MTU, or if it is larger
   than 1300 bytes and the path MTU is unknown, the request MUST be sent
   using an RFC 2914 [43] congestion controlled transport protocol, such
   as TCP. If this causes a change in the transport protocol from the
   one indicated in the top Via, the value in the top Via MUST be
   changed.  This prevents fragmentation of messages over UDP and
   provides congestion control for larger messages.  However,
   implementations MUST be able to handle messages up to the maximum
   datagram packet size.

If not, what is the reasoning?
If so, how can this be achieved?


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