[OpenSIPS-Users] RES: Error when initializing the OpenSIPS

Bogdan-Andrei Iancu bogdan at opensips.org
Mon Mar 31 07:02:46 CEST 2014


Your problem is in other place - for location module, the order of the column is not relevant - the queries are explicitly naming the columns.


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Subject: RES: [OpenSIPS-Users] Error when initializing the OpenSIPS 

Solved the problem adjusting fields order.
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It seems you have some invalid or mismatching data in location table. Could you please post here the output of 
    select * from location limit 1;

(full output, with the name of the columns too).


Bogdan-Andrei Iancu
OpenSIPS Founder and Developer
On 24.03.2014 20:06, Alcindo Schleder wrote:
Hi all.
This error occurs when I start the Opensips 1.10.1 and there are recorded data in the table location:
Mar 24 15:06:08 xsip /usr/sbin/opensips[1632]: ERROR:core:db_str2int: Unexpected characters: [-03-24 14:20:57]
Mar 24 15:06:08 xsip /usr/sbin/opensips[1632]: ERROR:db_mysql:db_mysql_str2val: error while converting integer value from string
Mar 24 15:06:08 xsip /usr/sbin/opensips[1632]: ERROR:db_mysql:db_mysql_convert_row: failed to convert value
Mar 24 15:06:08 xsip /usr/sbin/opensips[1632]: ERROR:db_mysql:db_mysql_fetch_result: error while converting row #0
Mar 24 15:06:08 xsip /usr/sbin/opensips[1632]: ERROR:usrloc:preload_udomain: fetching rows failed
Mar 24 15:06:08 xsip /usr/sbin/opensips[1632]: ERROR:usrloc:child_init: child(1): failed to preload domain 'location'
Mar 24 15:06:08 xsip /usr/sbin/opensips[1632]: ERROR:core:init_mod_child: failed to initializing module usrloc, rank 1
Mar 24 15:06:08 xsip /usr/sbin/opensips[1632]: ERROR:core:main_loop: init_child failed for UDP listener
Alcindo Schleder

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