[OpenSIPS-Users] Android can't here voice over the LTE.

Rajesh Babu rajesh.babu at goodcoresoft.com
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   Try using a Linphone Client on Android device. I guess the connection issue gets solved. Generally it gets Symmetric NAT formed on the server. 





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Opensips is responsible for signaling. You would better check your media or most likely it is network issue. If you managed to install and configure you may should be able to trace the problem.

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Пользователь CC <liquidli at 163.com> писал:

Hello everybody.


I think I can get help here.


I'm studying on the opensips-server.

I downloaded the opensips 1.10.0 's sources and installed it successful.

Then I tested it on iPhone and Android devices.

I found that iPhone is work well but Android communicate by LTE can't here the voice.

Need I change something in the "opensipsctlrc" file?


Thank you very much.

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