[OpenSIPS-Users] Audio calls not working on 3G

Rajesh Babu rajesh.babu at goodcoresoft.com
Fri Mar 7 12:31:41 CET 2014

Hi All,


  I use Opensips 1.9.1 and have enabled RTP and Nating in the configuration,
Whenever I use to connect the calls using my 3G connection, call gets
connected but my voice is not being heard, whereas though wifi everything is
working fine. I tried connecting with Linphone I didn't face any issue,
where as whenever I try connecting using my app which on top of CSip I am
getting this issue. This issue is not getting replicated over wifi, I am
getting this issue only on 3G. My carrier is not blocking any packets from
my side as different opensource client is letting me make calls over the


Some blogs stated that configuring Stun will solve this issue, I tried doing
it but no luck. In some other blog they where stating I can go with TURN
Server, I need to know whether Turn servers solve these issues and someone
can put me over the installation and using guide for the same.


Can someone please direct me on the right track please?




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