[OpenSIPS-Users] New MediaProxy release 2.6.0

Nick Cameo symack at gmail.com
Tue Mar 4 17:44:12 CET 2014

>> TLDR: yes, that should work.

Should I stop doing jumping jacks? Saul being the idiot savant that I
am when it comes to
"grey areas". Let's just assume for one sec that the IP address where
I have OpenSIPS + MediaProxy installed is (No, not IANA
public IP), my own private IP.

And let's also say my public IP address is Furthermore,
all packets within 8000-65535 UDP range that are sent to
from the outside world get sent to my private IP address
(ie, 1to1, nat, port forwarding, call it what you want).

Will we have parameters using OpenSIPS + MediaProxy to shape the SDP
payload to specify the public IP addresses for packets going out to
WAN, and private ip addresses to LAN as we do with OpenSIPS and

If so, I need to see it to believe it. Can you please post, or direct
us to migration installation config, parameter setting documentation
kindly. Pretty please :)


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