[OpenSIPS-Users] Some other OpenSIPS newbie questions

Gary Patton gpatton.public at outlook.com
Fri Jun 13 21:14:27 CEST 2014

Hello again!  I'm trying to read the documentation and view the Kick Start video from 2012 before I install OpenSIPS.  A couple of questions came up: 
(1) I'd like to compile/install OpenSIPS 1.11.1 (on Debian 7.5) to use TLS.  So, should I create / self-publish / install the certificate for TLS *before* (a) compiling and/or (b) installing OpenSIPS or can I do that after OpenSIPS is installed?
(2) Similar question about MySQL.  Should I create the "opensipsrw" admin account with the "opensips" password in MySQL before compiling/installing OpenSIPS?  Or does the opensipsdbctl config file automatically create those in MySQL when the "create" option is run?
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