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Bogdan-Andrei Iancu bogdan at opensips.org
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It looks to me your question has nothing to do with OpenSIPS ..... ??


Bogdan-Andrei Iancu
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On 10.06.2014 05:00, CC wrote:
> Hi, everyone.
> Now I try to merge some calls into a conference, but I have some 
> problems.
> The description of the problems is as flows:
> First
> In the class which named "FriendAdapter.class", when I click the item 
> of the listview which contains the information of friends, I wrote a 
> method to call the selected friend's sip: 
> "_LinphoneManager_./getInstance/().callTo(sipid);".Then in the class 
> which named "LinphoneManager.class", I add the 
> "addToConference(LinphoneCall)" in the method "callTo(String address)" .
> Then, I try to test the function. Connection can be established, but 
> both the callers cannot hear to each other. And I make a LOG message 
> in the code to show the size of the conference and to indicate whether 
> the local user is part of the conference. The message shows the size 
> of the conference is "1" and the indication whether the local user is 
> part of the conference is "false". But in the doc of Linphone, I see this:
> void *addToConference*(LinphoneCall 
> <http://www.linphone.org/docs/liblinphone-javadoc/org/linphone/core/LinphoneCall.html> call)
> Merge a call into a conference. If this is the first call that enters 
> the conference, the virtual conference will be created automatically. 
> If the local user was actively part of the call (ie not in paused 
> state), then the local user is automatically entered into the 
> conference. If the call was in paused state, then it is automatically 
> resumed when entering into the conference.
> But in my test result, the local user wasn't automatically entered 
> into the conference. I don't know why.
> Hope you put forward guidance to help me solve the problems, Thank you.
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