[OpenSIPS-Users] Problem about the audio conference

CC liquidli at 163.com
Tue Jun 10 04:00:12 CEST 2014

Hi, everyone.

Now I try to merge some calls into a conference, but I have some problems.

The description of the problems is as flows:


In the class which named “FriendAdapter.class”, when I click the item of the listview which contains the information of friends, I wrote a method to call the selected friend’s sip: ” LinphoneManager.getInstance().callTo(sipid);”.Then in the class which named “LinphoneManager.class”, I add the “addToConference(LinphoneCall)” in the method “callTo(String address)” .

Then, I try to test the function. Connection can be established, but both the callers cannot hear to each other. And I make a LOG message in the code to show the size of the conference and to indicate whether the local user is part of the conference. The message shows the size of the conference is “1” and the indication whether the local user is part of the conference is “false”. But in the doc of Linphone, I see this:

void addToConference(LinphoneCall call)

Merge a call into a conference. If this is the first call that enters the conference, the virtual conference will be created automatically. If the local user was actively part of the call (ie not in paused state), then the local user is automatically entered into the conference. If the call was in paused state, then it is automatically resumed when entering into the conference.

But in my test result, the local user wasn’t automatically entered into the conference. I don’t know why.

Hope you put forward guidance to help me solve the problems, Thank you.
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