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Thu Jul 10 23:27:17 CEST 2014

Is there a method to set a timeout between specific provisional replies in an INVITE?  In other words let's say we receive a 100 TRYING but then see a very long delay until the next provisional reply (specifically 183 Ringing).  Is there a way to timeout the request so that we can route advance to another gateway?

We have a carrier who is randomly prone to lengthy PDD intervals in completing calls we send to them.  On such a call our initial INVITE almost immediately sees the 100 Trying but then we might see another 25-30 seconds before we seeing another provisional response such as 183 Ringing or a final response.  

Is there a way to implement an INVITE specific provisional response timer so that if we get the 100 Trying and then don't see any other provisional response in a much shorter period of time (for example no more than 6 seconds) we could then route advance and attempt the call on another gateway.  Is this at all possible?  Serial forking to the next gateway would be fine but parallel forking would be preferred after the provisional timeout occurred.  We'd just not want to route advance if we received the 183 Ringing provisional response.

Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated.


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