[OpenSIPS-Users] registration for each subscriber ID and IP

Лытаев Антон Викторович lav at ptcomm.ru
Sun Jul 27 14:52:24 CEST 2014

For example: there are 50 subscribers with IP = telephone number and IP
Necessary to register the subscriber on 3 criteria: number + password + IP

here's what I found as an example:
loadmodule "permissions.so"
loadmodule "group.so"

if (!proxy_authorize("", "subscriber")) {
proxy_challenge("", "0");
if (!idb_check_from()) {
sl_send_reply("403","Forbidden auth ID");

I have to link the "username" (from еable "Subscriber") and IP from the 
table "address ".... This bundle comes group.so tools module and table 
table "grp"?
and how to add (for example) of the user using opensipsctl
add ....?
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