[OpenSIPS-Users] MediaProxy 2.6.1 - manually creating media_sessions table

Gary Patton gpatton.public at outlook.com
Fri Jul 25 15:07:44 CEST 2014

Hi everyone!  With all the help and guidance I've received in this forum, I've successfully installed MediaProxy 2.6.1.
I don't see the media_sessions table in the opensips db that I configured in MediaProxy's config.ini file.  That's not a surprise since I configured the config.ini file *after* I installed MediaProxy.  So, when MP started, the media-dispatcher db parameter was commented out.  Also, I set MediaProxy to use the opensips db and the user to be the opensips user with full rights to the opensips db.
I've looked in the logs for a description of the attributes, data types, etc., of the fields of the media_sessions table, but I can't find any.  Using the info from the config.ini file, I manually created the table and fields but I don't know if I set the correct data types, whether or not the field(s) could be NULL, etc.:
MySQL commands:
CREATE TABLE media_sessions (call_id INT NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,from_tag VARCHAR(60) NOT NULL,to_tag VARCHAR(60) NOT NULL,info BLOB NOT NULL,PRIMARY KEY ( call_id ));
The media_sessions table:
mysql> DESCRIBE media_sessions;+-------------+------------------+----------+--------+--------------+---------------------+| Field        | Type              | Null     | Key    | Default     | Extra                 |+-------------+------------------+----------+--------+--------------+---------------------+| call_id     | int(11)           | NO      | PRI     | NULL        | auto_increment || from_tag | varchar(60)   | NO       |           | NULL        |                           || to_tab     | varchar(60)   | NO       |           | NULL         |                           || info         | blob               | NO      |           | NULL         |                           |+-------------+-----------------+----------+---------+---------------+---------------------+4 rows in set (0.00 sec)
Can someone kindly share the field attributes for the media_sessions table so that I can modify my table if necessary?
Thank you.
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