[OpenSIPS-Users] PRACK Interworking with OpenSIPs

Giuseppe Cardone g.cardone at unidata.it
Thu Jul 10 15:11:54 CEST 2014


I am trying OpenSIPs and would like to figure out if I can use it to perform sip interworking between two UA's, one requiring PRACK and another that doesn't support it. 

In essence when OpenSIPs receives a 18x response with headers "Required: 100rel" and "RSeq" from the called party, it should initiate a PRACK request towards the called party itself, but, as you might expect from a proxy, I don't see any function to do this. However, maybe someone with a better understanding of OpenSIPs can tell me if it is available. 

The b2bua module is were I was placing my hopes. However, here too I cannot see a way to initiate a PRACK request, or any request apart from an INVITE (using the 'bridge' action) or a BYE (using the 'end_dialog_leg'). 

Can anyone confirm whethere my conclusions on PRACK interworking with OpenSIPs are correct and/or provide any ideas as to how this may be accomplished ? 

Many thanks, 


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> Da: "Giuseppe Cardone" <g.cardone at unidata.it>
> A: users at lists.opensips.org
> Inviato: Martedì, 24 giugno 2014 11:32:17
> Oggetto: B2BUA scenario not loading with SIP Update request rule

> Hello,

> I am new to OpenSIPs but I am interested in trying out the B2BUA
> functionality.

> In particular, I'm testing the possibility to handle sip UPDATE
> requests but I've hit an issue
> with the simple scenario I have created and pasted below.

> As soon as I try to launch opensips I get this error:

> Jun 23 14:34:29 [20171] DBG:b2b_logic:load_scenario: Loaded scenario
> with id = [update]
> Jun 23 14:34:29 [20171] ERROR:b2b_logic:load_scenario: Bad scenario
> document. A rule defined for a not supported request type [update]

> Have I misunderstood the scenario syntax or is this a limitation of
> opensips ?
> I'm running v1.11

> Many thanks,
> Giuseppe

> *******************************
> <?xml version="1.0"?>
> <scenario id="update" name="update test" param="0" type="script">
> <init>
> <bridge>
> <server>
> <id>server1</id>
> </server>
> <client>
> <id>client1</id>
> <type>message</type>
> <destination>
> <value type="initial">server1</value>
> </destination>
> </client>
> </bridge>
> </init>

> <rules>
> <request>
> <update>
> <rule id="1">
> <condition>
> <state>1</state>
> <sender>
> <type>client</type>
> <id>client1</id>
> </sender>
> </condition>
> <action>
> <send_reply>
> <code>200</code>
> <reason>OK</reason>
> </send_reply>
> <delete_entity/>
> </action>
> </rule>
> </update>
> </request>
> </rules>
> </scenario>
> ******************************************************************
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