[OpenSIPS-Users] How to connect opensips to esternal VOIP server?

Stefano Pisani stefano.pisani at omnianet.it
Thu Jan 30 20:28:44 CET 2014

UAC_REGISTRAR is not enought becouse you need something else to make 
call with proxy autentication like UAC_AUTH and failure_route

Il 30/01/2014 17.40, Nikita Tarasov ha scritto:
> Where are any ability to make calls from opensips with registration? 
> For example registered with uac_registrant?
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> server?
> Fabio,
> It depends on what your carrier requires you to do. Are you dependent 
> on registration ? if this is simply fowarding an invite you just need 
> to follow the tutorial below but take in mind the opensips does not 
> proxy media unless you apply rtp proxy or media proxy. Simply replace 
> the ip in rewritehostport with the carriers ip.
> http://vidodz.wordpress.com/2009/07/28/route-calls-from-openseropensips-to-asterisk/
> On Thu, Jan 30, 2014 at 10:36 AM, <fabrizio.pappolla at brainyforge.it 
> <mailto:fabrizio.pappolla at brainyforge.it>> wrote:
>     Hi to all!
>     I joined to this mailing list to do a simple (maybe) question.
>     I've setup an opensips server, i can register voip phone, but i
>     don't understand how to connect opensips to external (internet)
>     trunks, how i was doing it with asterisk (is just an example to
>     better explain ). Is this possible? Or i haven't understand for
>     what opensips is made to? If is it possible how i could do it?
>     Thanks in advice for your reply.
>     Regards, Fabrizio Pappolla.
>     PS I sent this message in reply to  mailing list subscription, i
>     hope this isn't a duplicate.
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