[OpenSIPS-Users] Manipulating Contact header in locally generated 200 OK for a REGISTER

Java Jalwa java.ka.jalwa at gmail.com
Fri Jan 24 07:00:33 CET 2014

Hello experts, I am using the registrar module and the save() function
automatically sends a 200 OK for the REGISTER. However the Contact header
built by the registrar module removes all the feature tags such
as +g.oma.sip-im, +sip.instance etc. To be spec compliant with certain GSMA
specs I need to keep these feature tags / parameters in the Contact header
of 200 response, while at the same time want the registrar module to add
expires and received= params.
append_to_reply() is not something that is useful for achieving this since
it adds a new header. Is there anyway to achieve this without having to
hack the registrar module ?

Using the "r" flag in save method, would force the registrar module to not
send a reply, however if I use sl_send_reply("200", "OK") after calling
save("location","fr"); the 200 OK does not contain the Contact header at

Any suggestions as to how I can achieve this ?

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