[OpenSIPS-Users] Opensips Route header hitch

M.Khaled W Chehab kchehab at icucall.com
Fri Jan 17 01:37:41 CET 2014


I configure opensips with loadbalance module 

Scenario as follows     client(IP to IP )àopensips LBà Gw1 or Gw2

I am facing a problem such opensips  is rejecting the call  when my client
send me an INVITE and  its header contains a “ Route:“    for ex Route:

I replicate my client scenario and find that happens when my client has two
trunks in his dialplan and opensips is second in route ,   so the Route
header value  will contain trunk 1 sip server ip address, besides I should
fix the problem from my side since  I have no control on this switch


How solve this  problem while I try to remove the  Route header on method =
invite and  ! has a to_tag but it didn’t work 

if (is_present_hf("Route")) {




My part that rejects the call

# preloaded route checking

if (loose_route()) {


  "Attempt to route with preloaded Route's [$fu/$tu/$ru/$ci]");

  if (!is_method("ACK"))

   send_reply("403","Preload Route denied");






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