[OpenSIPS-Users] Firing gwlist in specific order with failover

Nick Cameo symack at gmail.com
Thu Jan 9 15:01:47 CET 2014

Hello Adi,

Thank you so much for your response. Talking to Bogdan a while back he had
this to say about do_routing and whitelist:

>> The whitelist is a list of GWs that are allowed to be used, they do no
dictate the order. The order is still given by the DR rules - the whitelist
>> is just an additional filter.

We need the gwlist fired chronologically. In terms of doing it within the
script, I would have to build the ruri manually? Or is there an
OpenSIPS API method that I can call manually.

An example would be greatly appreciated. There is also route_to_gw() function
however, I was not able to get it to work in
my OpenSIPS config.

Finally, I think in the end result is to remove the call to do_routing in
our OpenSIPS script, and replace it by the same functionality
where we specify an explicit gwlist firing with failover. Exactly the same
functionality as do_routing with failover except we pass
and explicit list of gateways.

Thanks in Advance,

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