[OpenSIPS-Users] Public Meeting on OpenSIPS Development - follow-up

Răzvan Crainea razvan at opensips.org
Wed Dec 10 16:07:47 CET 2014

Hi, all!

I'm sending you a short follow-up of the meeting we had on 27th of 
August 2014 regarding Development Directions for OpenSIPS 1.12, now 
known as OpenSIPS  2.1.

* Message Compression - a new module[1] has been committed on the master 
branch and is about 80% completed.
* Fraud Detection - the new module[2] can be found on the master branch. 
The code is not fully tested, but we are working on it.
* Quality-based Routing - the module is around 80% completed, but has 
not yet beed deployed. We'll keep you updated.
* Asynchronous processing - the core mechanism has been deployed on the 
async branch on git[3]. The first asynchronous implementations will soon 
be deployed (i.e. the exec module).
* Dialog state change events - this has been deployed on the master 

Feel free to test any of these features and send us feedback.And stay 
tuned for more good news!

[1] http://www.opensips.org/html/docs/modules/2.1.x/compression
[2] http://www.opensips.org/html/docs/modules/2.1.x/fraud_detection
[3] https://github.com/OpenSIPS/opensips/tree/async

Best regards,

Răzvan Crainea
OpenSIPS Solutions

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