[OpenSIPS-Users] Dailog State 5

Liviu Chircu liviu at opensips.org
Wed Dec 10 13:24:02 CET 2014

Hello Mike,

Normally, state 5 means that the dialog is over, and just waiting to be 
deleted from memory (BYEs have been sent!).

 From those numbers, it looks like you have enough shared memory, but no 
sufficient pkg memory.
Could you please provide the following:

* amount of SHM and PKG you start OpenSIPS with
* any relevant ERRORs you see in the logfile
* output of "opensipsctl fifo get_statistics shmem:" command when you 
start to see memory errors

Best regards,

Liviu Chircu
OpenSIPS Developer

On 10.12.2014 14:13, Mike Tesliuk wrote:
> Hello Guys,
> Im getting a problem of out of memory on my opensips, and what i see 
> is that i have a lot more dialogs on memory then on database, im using 
> db_mode on 1 , and i have now on database 1396 dialogs and 35823 on 
> memory, on memmory a lot of them are on state 5.
> What can cause this problem ? how can i identify this ?
> Thank you
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