[OpenSIPS-Users] A workaround for compiling opensips 1.10.0 on Ubuntu 13.04

Jared Evans jevans at zvrs.com
Mon Sep 16 05:19:22 CEST 2013

Hi all,

It seems like using console GUI menuconfig to include/exclude modules
causes problems later when trying to compile on an Ubuntu system.  I worked
around this by skipping the menuconfig step and manually edit Makefile.conf
to include/exclude modules.

Here are the steps I took on Ubuntu 13.04:

After untar opensips1.10, instead of running menuconfig, manually edit
Makefile.conf to exclude/include desired modules.

-fPIC so that modules can be compiled
-DSHM_MEM -DUSE_SHM_MEM because some modules requires shared memory
-DUSE_TCP include TCP in the build
TLS=1 include experimental TLS in the build

if you see any compilation failures at this point, it's likely due to
missing library that needs to be installed but the error message will give
you a clear hint about which library is missing.  Once all the libraries
required by the included modules are installed, you should have a
successful compilation then opensips can be installed on your system.
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