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Rajesh Babu rajesh.babu at goodcoresoft.com
Wed Oct 9 07:20:50 CEST 2013



  After i installed OverSIP (Websocket implementation) by following the
tutorial mentioned @
http://www.opensips.org/Documentation/Tutorials-WebSocket. I am facing the
following issues,


1.       My Audio and Video for Outside Network stopped working (Implemented
NAT helper & RTPProxy), before this was working fine.

2.       I Tested my websocket using JSSIP, i could make the connection
registered and make calls to other Webclient (Say another instance with
different login in the same browser), but not able to communicate to any
client (Linphone or Xlite) even in the same Machine.

a.       The Error I get when i am calling a Clietn from Webclient is
Unsupported Media

b.      The Error i get when i am Calling Webclient from my Linphone Client
is 488 this is not allowed.

3.       Messaging is working fine in all these scenarios.


Can anyone please help me out on what are the mistakes that i am Making in
the configuration?






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