[OpenSIPS-Users] Can I use alias_db to change credentials?

Rik Broers RBroers at motto.nl
Mon Nov 25 08:52:30 CET 2013

I think this article contains everything you need exactly :) (at least for the authentication part)


You need the UAC modules for this.

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Rik Broers
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Hi Stefano,

Thanks for the confidence it can be done easily, but I have not seen any example of how to do it... I do not want to have to resort to sending the call to asterisk where I then call the pstn softswitch with the proper credentials, I'd like to do that directly in opensips...

i.e. PSTN -> opensips (replacing username/password & new destination
number) -> Softswitch -> PSTN

is there a module I can use, (using opensips 1.8.x), and how exactly do I use it?  (I know how to pull the username and password and destination number from the database)

an example would greatly help me.


On 24/11/13 4:46 pm, Stefano Pisani wrote:
> You can query a ad using avp_query and get new credentials, then use 
> them in the routing script.
> This is not complicated.
> Il 24/11/2013 01.38, Walter Klomp ha scritto:
>> Hi,
>> I want to enable call forwarding feature to pstn, but the outbound 
>> calls need to be authenticated to the outbound proxy server with the 
>> credentials of the user (callee) to be billed. How do I go around 
>> doing this? Callerid should remain intact, would optionally want to 
>> add the countrycode in front.
>> Anybody has done this before and can give me some pointers?
>> Thanks in advance
>> Walter
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