[OpenSIPS-Users] simple proxy set up

Doug Mattingly doug at mattinglyproperties.com
Fri Nov 15 15:04:33 CET 2013

I have installed opensips 1.7 with opensips-cp web control panel.  I am
hoping to use it simply to distribute incoming calls to 2 different
asterisk based pbx's by DID phone number.  I will need opensips to register
with the sip service provider (Broadvox) and the asterisk boxes to register
with Opensips as a provider and then a dial plan to route to the
appropriate asterisk box based on phone number dialed.  The phones will
register with the asterisk boxes (for now).  This seems really simple but
the terminology is different than I'm used to with asterisk and I'm not
sure all the modules are installed to do this.  Any thoughts on how to get
started with this?  I would prefer to use the web based control panel if

Thank you

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