[OpenSIPS-Users] RTPproxy support in Wireshark

Peter Lemenkov lemenkov at gmail.com
Fri Nov 8 07:31:47 CET 2013

Hello All!
First of all I'm sorry for the crossposting.

For those who unaware of what's going inside Wireshark project - I'm
working on a "classic" RTPproxy protocol dissector. Most of the
patches already accepted, and Wireshark's RTPproxy parser is already
usable. Few more patches should land in trunk quite soon.

As for rtpproxy-ng - I plan to add support for its protocol as well
(right after I finish with this one).

If you're using Fedora Linux, then Wireshark from the repository
already compiled with RTPproxy protocol dissection support.

With best regards, Peter Lemenkov.

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