[OpenSIPS-Users] uac_replace_to problem

M.Khaled W Chehab kchehab at icucall.com
Wed Jun 19 15:47:42 CEST 2013

Hi Laszlo


I can see this error in the syslog 

error: Got `remove' command from OpenSIPS for unknown session with call-id `CA8CCD95-D81511E2-BEBFD582-E4AB696 at xx.xx.xx.xx-b2b_

please can you show me how I can do the uac_replace  per branch ,in other words from where and how I can remove the uac_replace_to from global since second time I am doing it in a branch 





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BTW, looks like you doing uac_replace_to twice. once in global, and once in a per-branch route.

You can do it only once, I'm sure you see something about this in the syslog.

try what Flavio suggested, so do these changes only in the branch route.



2013/6/19 M.Khaled W Chehab <kchehab at icucall.com>

while i am using uac_replace_to in failover route branch i can find that TO header is not changed(sip user part ) but appended an new raw  as I want it to be To: "971552448304" <sip: 808971552448304 at xx.xx.xx.55>


SIP to address: sip:835822971552448304 at xx.xx.xx.55sip:808971552448304 at xx.xx.xx.55

SIP to address User Part: 835822971552448304

SIP to address Host Part: xx.xx.xx.55sip

SIP to address Host Port: 808971552448304 at xx.xx.xx.55



please advice 





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I am running opensips 1.8.3 with  do_routing module 

A dial_rule prefix has 3 trunk gateways ( gw1,gw2,gw3)


After do_routing(,)

I am setting the $rU and fixing  the To Tag header using uac_replace_to( and the call go to gw1 with correct TO tag as I set it ,


but when calls fails on gw1 ,then  I set the $rU in route[6] to go to second in route and it goes with bad TO header, since it goes with the same To header in the 1st invite 

That target gw1 

1-how to fix the To header in the second invite to gw2



loadmodule "uac.so"






on failure_route[1] {


if (!t_check_status("487")) {


                             $avp(failure_count) = $avp(failure_count) + 1;  #480|486|603          









$rU = $var(prefix) + $avp(dst);







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