[OpenSIPS-Users] uac_replace_to problem

M.Khaled W Chehab kchehab at icucall.com
Wed Jun 19 15:41:14 CEST 2013



I am in need to change it every time I send the call to different trunk ,

Is there a way to restore the original header before changing it second time
as I try  

Uac_restore_to() before uac_replace_to but it didn't work  too 





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Hi ,
have you changed to twice?
This happens if you try to use uac_replace_to (or uac_replace_from) twice.


Il 19/06/2013 15.18, M.Khaled W Chehab ha scritto:

while i am using uac_replace_to in failover route branch i can find that TO
header is not changed(sip user part ) but appended an new raw  as I want it
to be To: "971552448304" <sip: 808971552448304 at xx.xx.xx.55>


SIP to address:
sip:835822971552448304 at xx.xx.xx.55sip:808971552448304 at xx.xx.xx.55

SIP to address User Part: 835822971552448304

SIP to address Host Part: xx.xx.xx.55sip

SIP to address Host Port: 808971552448304 at xx.xx.xx.55



please advice 





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I am running opensips 1.8.3 with  do_routing module 

A dial_rule prefix has 3 trunk gateways ( gw1,gw2,gw3)


After do_routing(,)

I am setting the $rU and fixing  the To Tag header using uac_replace_to( and
the call go to gw1 with correct TO tag as I set it ,


but when calls fails on gw1 ,then  I set the $rU in route[6] to go to second
in route and it goes with bad TO header, since it goes with the same To
header in the 1st invite 

That target gw1 

1-how to fix the To header in the second invite to gw2



loadmodule "uac.so"



<sip:$var%28prefix%29$avp%28dst%29@$td> ");



on failure_route[1] {


if (!t_check_status("487")) {


                             $avp(failure_count) = $avp(failure_count) + 1;









$rU = $var(prefix) + $avp(dst);

<sip:$var%28prefix%29$avp%28dst%29@$td> ");






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