[OpenSIPS-Users] IP address list from SRV/NAPTR records

Jeff Pyle jpyle at fidelityvoice.com
Wed Jul 24 14:50:01 CEST 2013


Is there a way to extract an IP address list from SRV and/or NAPTR records
from within the script?

I have an application where outbound traffic will be relayed via SRV or
NAPTR.  Those name records ultimately resolve to about 4 different IP
addresses after you take into consideration priorities, weights, etc.  I'd
like to learn and store those 4 IP addresses so I can do IP-based
authentication on inbound calls from the same network.

Another way to look at this is that I'm looking for a dynamic address
table-like list of IP addresses resolved from SRV or NAPTR.

- Jeff
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