[OpenSIPS-Users] DNS timeout for enum_query?

R.P. Aditya aditya at grot.org
Thu Jul 4 03:14:00 CEST 2013

We are having a problem with Enum queries hanging or taking too long to
fail. By the time the query fails, the client has given up because it
thinks kamailio/opensips is not responding rather than getting a
meaningful error message after a reasonable DNS timeout. Currently the
timeout seems to be set to be infinite and so the entire transaction

Is there a way to wrap the enum_query() call in a timer?

Otherwise it looks like a compile time default has to be changed -- In
the Enum module, the enum_query does a DNS lookup using:


from resolve.c:


get_record has a timeout, execdnsthreshold, but that is compiled in by
default to be infinitely long:


  /* debugging in case dns takes too long. disabled by default */
  int execdnsthreshold = 0;

It would be good if that value was exposed as a config parameter.


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