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samuel samu60 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 9 13:59:42 CET 2013

My point was exactly what you state in the last sentence about failover
scenario. Is there some way to use current dialog module to handle these

Thanks a lot,
El 09/01/2013 12:50, "Bogdan-Andrei Iancu" <bogdan at opensips.org> va

> **
> Hi Samuel,
> For dialog module, the primary storage (for dialog info) is all the time
> the mem cache. DB is only a secondary storage and data is flushed from mem
> to DB. At runtime, opensips never reads from DB, but only from mem (the
> primary storage). (db mode REALTIME means the DB storage is updated in
> realtime from mem cache)
> So, you cannot have 2 opensips sharing dialog info via DB. Or you want to
> implement a failover kind of scenario (like shifting dialogs from one box
> to another) ?
> Regards,
> Bogdan-Andrei Iancu
> OpenSIPS Founder and Developerhttp://www.opensips-solutions.com
> On 01/07/2013 07:59 PM, samuel wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I'm started reading about dialog module and how to use it in a distributed
> environment. I've read about the 'B' flag and how it can be used to send
> BYEs to the end-points. My question is whether, using db_mode REALTIME,
> another instance of opensips can use the information stored in the database
> to send the BYE to a dialog created in another opensips instance.
> The scenario is the next one:
> 1.several opensips sharing the database and one of them receives an INVITE.
> 2.It creates the dialog and sets the B flag. The parameter timeout is then
> set to the corresponding value.
> 3.Another opensips uses the information from the dialog table to send the
> BYE either forced by an external t_dlg command or reading from the database
> (I guess the period can be controlled with the db_update_period parameter).
> Is this possible with the current version?
> Thank you very much in advance and congratulations,
> Samuel.
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