[OpenSIPS-Users] OpenSIPS and Prepaid accounts

Davide Dal Frà lab at dalfra.com
Mon Jan 7 21:27:54 CET 2013

Hi all,

I'm playing with OpenSIPS and prepaid accounts, and for each single sips 
users it's working fine.

Now i'm thinking about having another sip proxy (with our domain) that 
forwards all calls to my proxy with prepaid service.
Reading some post on mailing list i saw that Cdrtool can work only with 
single sips users.

There are some  way to have a prepaid service based on Source ip of 
signaling or domain?

Looking the CDRtool source, i think that i can place a fake account on 
prepaid table, and match/replace the request coming from a domain with a 
preg_replace php function:
Is this a good idea or not?

Here's an example about my idea:

Insert into mysql "prepaid" table something like this: 
FAKE_PREPAID at external-domain.tld

before the sql query into rating engine that select the right account i 
can do something like this (writen in pseudocode):

if ( preg_match("/external-domain.tld/") ){
    $TEMP_DOMAIN_RPLC = explode("@" , $account);
    $account = "FAKE_PREPAID@". $TEMP_DOMAIN_RPLC[1];
so in this way every call coming from any users at external-domain.tld is 
billed in prepayed mode as FAKE_PREPAID at external-domain.tld user.

It's good or bad?

Thanks in advance


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