[OpenSIPS-Users] opensips as load-balancer

Jitendra Singh jitendra.bhadoriya at one97.net
Wed Feb 20 08:34:07 CET 2013




I am using opensips as a load-balancer for distributing in-bound call
traffic between two IVR servers. Following is the scenario:


IVR1 ß--à opensips ß----à External SIP endpoint




|--------200 OK -----------à|-------200 OK -------------à|








|ß----200OK (BYE)--------|ß---200OK(BYE)----------|



The issue is when opensips is receiving BYE request from IVR server it
forwards BYE to the external SIP endpoint but it sends back the same BYE
request to the IVR server also. Can somebody 

Please help me what could be the reason opensips is sending BYE back to the
IVR server also. 




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