[OpenSIPS-Users] siptrace issue

Mickael Hubert m.hubert at hexanet.fr
Thu Dec 5 08:47:41 CET 2013

Hi list,
I have an issue with my siptrace module.
see below my extract of opensips.cfg.

I want duplicate  dialogs's messages to the other server (, no
But, it doesn't work... no sip message in my wireshark trace.

Have you an idea ?

Thanks in advance

*# ----------------- module siptrace.so -----------loadmodule "siptrace.so"
# ----- siptrace params -----modparam("siptrace", "db_url",
"")modparam("siptrace", "duplicate_uri","sip:
<>") modparam("siptrace", "duplicate_with_hep",
1)modparam("siptrace", "enable_ack_trace", 1)modparam("siptrace",
"hep_version", 2)modparam("siptrace", "trace_to_database", 0)
#modparam("siptrace", "trace_flag", 22)modparam("siptrace",
"hep_capture_id", 2)modparam("siptrace", "trace_on", 1)*


in my code:

* if (is_method("INVITE"))    {        trace_dialog();*



HUBERT Mickaël
Ingénieur VOIP - Hexanet


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