[OpenSIPS-Users] b2b attended transfer

Stas Kobzar stas.kobzar at modulis.ca
Mon Dec 2 20:00:15 CET 2013

Hello list,

I am trying to implement attended transfer with B2B module.
Blind transfer works fine, I took scenario from tutirial
and I use it without as it is (no changes).

In tutorial it says that the scenario is for blind transfers. But I need to
implement attended transfer too and replace existing dialog using data from
Refer-To: ...?*Replace:* XXXXX
"Replace" is the part of the string in Refer-To header.

Is there a way to implement that? Is it possible to do attended transfer
with B2B module?

My OpenSIPS is version 1.8

Thank you for any help or hint!
Stas Kobzar
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