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Muhammad Shahzad shaheryarkh at gmail.com
Tue Aug 6 01:24:29 CEST 2013

Sorry, by mistake i wrote "flat-rate", what i actually meant was
"flat-base", it has nothing to do with billing interval, its mostly Dynamic
Routing and LCR stuff. Let me try to explain here.

Nearly in all countries of the world we have two mediums, namely Mobile
Line and Fixed Line and a subscriber's full number format structure is
quite simply, e.g.

Mobile Line => CC + Operator Code + Subscriber Number (SIM Card Number)
Fix Line => CC + City Code + Subscriber Number (can be expended as Exchange
Number + Actual Subscriber Number, generally insignificant for third party

The pattern remains constant regardless of time and space of the
subscriber, For example if my cell number is +49 176 12345678, then any one
who wants to call me can simply dial complete number and can reach me
regardless if temporarily,

I move from Wiesbaden to Frankfurt (change of city)
I move from Frankfurt to Berlin (change of state)
I move from Berlin to Paris (change of country)
i move from Paris to NY (change of continent)

But for South American countries the story is completely different, i try
to explain with a fake example. The full number format is something like

+CC ABC... 12345678


A if present is operator code of 1 to say 5 digits,
B if present is state code of 1 to say 2 digits,
C if present is city code of 1 to say 3 digits,
and so on, many more such variable (both count and range is different in
each country), each changes with subscriber location and even on time of
day or day of week basis...

Also there is inter-city roaming, inter-state roaming, international
roaming and so on. And the worst of all, people can call you even without
any of these variables by simply dialing +CC 12345678. How you route this
number? Well, in this case you have to look on to caller-id to determine
values of A, B, C and so on, which is another painful story of its kind.

Hope this briefly explains the problem. So be prepared, flat base billing
that works perfect in 90% of the world, would not work in Spanish America,
at least not without good-will and assistance from a local operator (or its
partner), that manages all these complexities for you (at probably very
high cost).

Thank you.

On Mon, Aug 5, 2013 at 10:58 PM, Nick Khamis <symack at gmail.com> wrote:

> Muhammad,
> I'm sorry to do this, but by flat rate, are you referring to the
> per-second vs. per minute and per six seconds billing?
> I just don't want to assume or overlook anything when you mention
> countries with messed up telecom infrastructure.
> I am learning a lot from the few words that we are exchanging. I know
> you're busy, you can respond when you
> get a chance...
> >> A tractor and car both run on wheels, but this does not mean you can
> fit in a tractor's wheel in car or vice versa.
> I love proverbs. Especially ones from the east that are, or derive from
> ones, that are thousands of years old :)
> Nick.
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