[OpenSIPS-Users] LCR Route Prefixes -> Gateways (From Scratch)

Nick Khamis symack at gmail.com
Mon Aug 5 18:00:42 CEST 2013

Hello Muhammad,

I have no problem updating the DB script and relevant code using optimized
indexing/views, and sharing that with the community. It's about time I
contribute in some form or another... :)

Furthermore, I would also like to share the final DB schema and script in
charge of creating an OpenSIPS LCR instance with the community. And would
be happy to see it posted on the OpenSIPS Tut section. I will have some
questions to steer me to the right direction however, will keep them short
and connect the dots without taking too much of the community's time.

My first question will be, is it safe to add additional fields to the
`dr_rules` table. What I will need are things like (bill_minimum,
bill_increment, list/retail_rate etc..). Things we usually see in a rate
deck ;). What I am asking is do the OpenSIPS code use index based queries
or actual field names when querying the database. The latter would be safer
and thus pose no problem when adding extra fields...

PS I will use this email as a thread to this subject.

Kind Regards,

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