[OpenSIPS-Users] question regarding opensips performance

Albert Petit albertpetit at gmail.com
Fri Sep 14 16:23:09 CEST 2012


We've a load test configured against opensips 1.6.2

After some hours (1/2 h)  I start to see following error logs. Also later I
see opensips starts to fail answering subscribe requests (the rate rate on
subscribe messages is around 200 CPS)

ep 14 15:50:53 localhost /usr/sbin/opensips[1551]:
ERROR:presence:handle_subscribe: getting stored info
Sep 14 15:51:54 localhost /usr/sbin/opensips[1552]:
ERROR:presence_xml:agregate_xmls: while parsing xml body message
Sep 14 15:51:54 localhost /usr/sbin/opensips[1552]:
ERROR:presence_xml:pres_agg_nbody: while aggregating body
Sep 14 15:51:54 localhost /usr/sbin/opensips[1552]:
ERROR:presence:get_p_notify_body: Failed to aggregate notify body

How could I proceed to investigate where this error is coming from?
Could this happen if my test does not unsubscribe and does not refresh
 subscriptions? If not, which could be cause of this error?
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