[OpenSIPS-Users] opensips Cache

Nick Chang nick.chang at kland.com.tw
Wed Sep 5 09:44:14 CEST 2012



I have two opensips server.


User A  àregisterà  Opensips A

User B  àregisterà  Opensips B


Two User used the same domain, may be aaa.com


When I input “opensipsctl online”

I can see UserA on the Opensips A, UserB on the OpensipsB.


But When UserA call to UserB. It’s failed. It tell me “user not register”.


I have check MySQL table “ location”

Two user both on the location.


If I restart OpensipsB.

Then, I input “opensipsctl online”

I can see UserA and UserB is online.


But in the OpensipsA.

Only UserA online.


I guess, it have cache it.


Have to solve this problem??

Thanks for your support.





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