[OpenSIPS-Users] Questions on hiredis client working with a "redis cluster"

Julien Chavanton jchavanton at gmail.com
Wed Oct 31 16:50:49 CET 2012

The latest improvement on Redis module are very interesting, thanks for the
contributiom, I would like to understand how the hiredis client is working
with a "redis cluster"

Where can I find information on the "server groups/cluster" support ?

Is it working with "Redis Sentinel" (the official high availability
solution for Redis).

The hiredis client documentation are not mentioning this mechanics.

Module Documentation

1.5.1. cachedb_url (string)

The urls of the server groups that OpenSIPS will connect to in order to use
the from script cache_store,cache_fetch, etc operations. It can be set more
than one time. The prefix part of the URL will be the identifier that will
be used from the script.

Example 1.1. Set cachedb_url parameter

modparam("cachedb_redis", "cachedb_url","redis:group1://localhost:6379/");

Example 1.2. Use Redis servers

cache_store("redis:group1","key","$ru value");
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