[OpenSIPS-Users] NEW: new module: pi_http

Ovidiu Sas osas at voipembedded.com
Fri Oct 26 19:28:33 CEST 2012

Hello all,

A new module is available in trunk.
It provides a web provisioning interface:

A sample config example is provided in the source tree:

An additional xml file is required for web config framework (what to
configure, where and how).
A sample xml file is provided in the source tree for dispatcher and
dialplan tables:

When opensips is up and running, a web provisioning interface for
managing db records will be available.
No supplementary web server needs to be installed in order to manage
the db records.
Also, it provides a tight control over what can be modified and how.

Testing and feedback is appreciated.

Ovidiu Sas

VoIP Embedded, Inc.

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