[OpenSIPS-Users] tm module CANCEL reason on timeout

John Quick john.quick at smartvox.co.uk
Mon Oct 22 15:38:13 CEST 2012

In "modules/tm/timer.c" function "final_response_handler", a #define is used
to set the Reason header in the CANCEL when triggered by the invite timeout.
The default is cause=480;text="NO_ANSWER", but I think it should be 408
because 408 is timeout and 480 is temporarily unavailable.

I need to be able to control the Reason header when a timeout is triggered
in tm. When the call is being sent to our SS7 gateway, we need the reason
header to be set as follows:
Reason: Q.850;cause=19;text="No Answer"
When the call is going to a SIP device, I want the header to be like the
current default:
Reason: SIP;cause=408;text="NO_ANSWER"

Is it permissible to add 2 reason headers or to somehow append different
reasons for different transports to one header?

Could the developers put this on the roadmap please - to add functionality
to have more control over the reason header in the tm module on timeout.

Many thanks.

John Quick
Smartvox Limited

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