[OpenSIPS-Users] Load Balancer Issue

Nilanjan Banerjee nil.banerjee at gmail.com
Sun Oct 21 08:09:38 CEST 2012


  I am trying to build the following setup using OpenSIPS load balancer and
the proxy functionality:

Client 1 (sipp) <----> OpenSIPS Load Balancer <----> OpenSIPS Proxy <---->
Client 2 (sipp)

At the client ends I am using the following commands:

Client 1: sipp -sn uac -rsa [Load Balancer Address] [Client 2 Address]

Client 2: sipp -sn uas

The Load Balancer is configured with a destination as the OpenSIPS Proxy
and the Proxy is configured to simply forward the SIP messages based on IP
address (using only forward(); in the routing block).

Now everything (INVITE, OK and ACK messages) works fine except the BYE
messages that are getting forwarded by the Load Balancer directly to Client
2 unlike the INVITE, OK and ACK messages that traverse the Proxy. Client 2
however, sends the OK to the BYE to the OpenSIPS Proxy. Since the BYE
messages do not traverse the Proxy, the OK to the BYE messages are getting
retransmitted repeatedly by Client 2 and the sessions are not getting
terminated properly. How do I make the BYE messages to go through the Proxy
or the OK message sent directly to the Load Balancer so that the
retransmissions do not happen and the sessions get terminated properly?

[NB: When the Load Balancer is taken out of the loop and the Proxy
configuration is kept the same, all the SIP messages traverses the Proxy
and everything works fine i.e., the BYE and the OKs to the BYEs are handled
properly and sessions get terminated properly.]

Would greatly appreciate any help in this matter. Thanks in advance.

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