[OpenSIPS-Users] bash shell variable not kept when run in opensips.cfg

Xavier Herlindo xherlindo at yahoo.com.mx
Sun Oct 7 01:38:44 CEST 2012

Hello all,

this is my first post, so please bare with me if i commit any protocol error. All comments are welcome. Thanks all in advance for any help i can get.

I am running Opensips 8.1 with a Centos 5.8 install. I am setting up a redirect server. Only using the slo.so, mi_fifo.so, rr.so (not sure if i really need this one) and exec.so modules.

I am trying to run a simple bash script that checks if the number in the URI exists in a mysq table and if so, the script rewrites the prefix and ip address to redirect. If not, there is a default address to redirect to.

The sh script works fine as i have tested it directly from the shell, running without issues. If i input an URI with an existing number in my mysql table, the script connects to the db, validates it, an the output is the modified URI as expected. Now if the script is called from within opensips.cfg file, the script is not validating in mysql. The opensips log file show no errors when running the sh file. If i try to set an incorrect connection param string there is no change either, as if the line is ignored.

This is my unrecognized variable:

exec_query=`mysql -u USER --password=TEST -s -D MY_DB -e "SELECT numB FROM valid_numb WHERE numB = '123';"`

 If i echo the value for exec_query it is empty when running within opensips.cfg 
Running in the bash prompt the value of exec_query is set correctly.

This same shell script was tested in an old SER box without not issues, so i think it is something out of the script directly related to opensips configuration. 

Do you know what may be the problem?


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