[OpenSIPS-Users] Dialog module: dlg_terminate_dlg and register_dlgcb function

Eduardo Lejarreta lejarreta.e at sarenet.es
Mon Nov 26 14:50:16 CET 2012

Good evening.


Dialog, tm, rr and acc: 3.2.1 modules version


When you finish externally a dialog, vía FIFO command with
“dlg_terminate_dlg: callid, from_tag” the callback register function
“register_dlgcb” on “DLGCB_TERMINATED” event returns a:


dlg_cb_params * params->req             with (NIL) value.


This callback  register function is used by “acc” module with acc_cdr
accounting enabled to track the end of the call.


In this scenario acc module can not account the end of the call. -> ERROR:
acc [acc_cdr.c:480]: invalid values#012!


If you try this scenario over TCP and with “RR” module with
“enable_double_rr” enabled you will see that the “acc” module is able to
track the end of the call because a double “Record-route” header is inserted
by proxy.
Do you think this could be an issue that it can be resolved in future? Or
may be we’re forgetting something.
Any help, any idea?, 
Thanks and best regards.


Eduardo Lejarreta 


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