[OpenSIPS-Users] calls have max call duration

M.Khaled W Chehab kchehab at icucall.com
Fri Nov 16 14:13:04 CET 2012



How to drop  the call  when a cancel received from UA and a 200 OK from the
trunk in the same second, note back the client cdr will be a canceled call
and the trunk cdr will be 1 sec duration but on my cdr its the max daialog
timeout duration


I am searching for a  solution for this since two weeks as I tried all trick
I know and all didn't succeed ,

Find attached the scenario I have problem with, which you can find it at
wireshark time line (30.877027)  the Client with IP ( sends
a cancel ,and the opensips version 1.8.2  server with IP
send the client 200 canceling and  in its terms forward the cancel to the
trunk provider with IP ,but at 31.015333 wireshark time line
the trunk sends a 200 OK  then 487 request terminated  and the billing stops
from the trunk provider  .

The problem is my opensips with IP didn't hangup the call and
go for the max call duration in the dialog module .

-how to let opensips cancel the call immediately  and stop it with no
billing .

Please find attached my opensips.cfg configuration file 





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