[OpenSIPS-Users] Opensips and FS scenario

Miha miha at softnet.si
Fri Nov 16 08:10:43 CET 2012

Hi to all,

I am having on one FS server about 1300 users. As I would like to 
migrate for abour 10k users from other softswitch to FS I need a little 
help about implementation.

I would like to put Opensips before FS so that Opensips would do 
load_balacing, registration, etc (more FS servers).

My question. Now FS is only one but it is doing everything 
(registration, enum, CFWD, radius, xml_cdr (posting to web server which 
parse and put it in mysql)).

What whould you suggest to use Opensips for load_balacing and 
registration and to do FS enum, radius_accounting,cdr,... or you use FS 
for media handling and put enum, radius,.. etc on Opensips?

I am doing this for the first the with opensips so that is why I am 
asking to know which is the best way.
And one another thing: what about opensips performace for about 10k 
users (registration and load_balacing).

Thanks for help!


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